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Rules and Regulations
Six vs Six League Rules                                                                                                     ***                          NO OFF SIDES

  2. NO SLIDE TACKLES: Only goal keeper in their penalty area.
  3. SUBSTITUTIONS: Unlimited substitutions at mid field/on fly, when other player exit field.
  4. PLAY TIME: 25 minutes halves/5 minute rest time.
  5. LATE TEAMS: No wait time during Tournaments play, 10 min wait time league play. 
  6. GOAL KICK: May not cross half field; if so, ball will go to other team at half field.
  7. PLAYERS: Must have at least (4) four players to avoid forfeit, Maximum players on the field of play (6) six, Maximum on roster open.
  8. TEAMS: Coaches and team are responsible for their entire sideline (verbal abuse conduct, profanity, etc.) Game suspension may result if unacceptable conduct persists.
  9. PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION:  Any physical confrontation towards players or referee, TEAM may be disqualified from tournament or League play. NO EXCEPTIONS.                   
  10.  Team Brawl (Batalla Campal): will result in both team loosing their following league game plus a team fine $200 due to be paid 7 days after incident.
  11. TIE GAMES: stay tied during League games.                                                                                                  ***       For Tournament Play:   During second round; if result is still tied, (3) three penalty shots from the top of the goal box distance equals nine yards. If score remains tie: sudden death penalty shots. Goalkeepers that ended game must stand in goal for first three shots. Six different players must shoot before another player may shoot a penalty again.
  12. RED CARD: If a player receives a caution (YELLOW CARD) then a red card, that player may play the next game; depending on the severity of the Red Card. If a player receives a direct RED CARD, that player must sit out one game in addition to the one he/she was ejected from or depending on severity of the situation is cleared for palyoffs.
  13. REFEREE FEE:   Must be paid before game time to avoid forfeit.                                                                                         A $10 fine will be imposed if the referee fee is not collected prior to the game.                                                                       An additional $5 if paid with a check and $25 fee for bounced checks.                                                                                 Teams are responsible to pay ref fee under forfeit to accumulate points.
  1. WOMEN'S SCORE 2 points (goals) MEN'S SCORE = 1 point (goal)
  2. Men have a (4) four touch maximum play to the ball. After three touches to the ball, a teammate or an opponent must touch the ball before the same player may continue to dribble. On the fourth touch, the whistle will blow and the ball will be awarded to the other team.


  • No players may be added to the roster 2 weeks before playoffs.
  • Internal League rules apply followed by FIFA rules if applicable.

  • Men & woman may play in their respective categories and the co-ed
    division at the same time.
  • To qualify for the playoffs a player must participate in a minimum of two season games

 A) Protesting team must be in good standings; with all fee's paid in full: Entry Fee, Past Ref fees/forfeits due, fines or late fee's. Solo equipos que esten en buen estado; (sin deudas: que no deban Entrada, Arbitrajes passdas de defaul o credenciales pendientes) podran protestar juegos en duda.        B) The Coach (not a player) must protest game with Field Manager and Official, Officials prior to game ending.
  • The Coach must sign the Roster and identify (write) on cedula/roster - he/she intends to protest game. Asentarlo / Escribir la protesta en la cedula  
  C) The Coach must folow up with an e-mail protesting game. ( ( or text message (619) 247-4910 

 INELIGIBLE PLAYER:   (Coaches are responsible to insure all players on field have registered online (, appear on roster and players have their ID cards)
  • An ineligible player is a person on the field without a player ID card or registered online.
  • Teams will forfeit their game/forfeit bond - once protest is confirmed of the use of ineligible players. 
  • A player must turn in his/her ID Card or show proof of League registration and ID Card purchase before the game in order for the player to be  deemed eligible to play.
FORFEITS:   Team that do not show up to the game will lose their game 5-0 and accumulate a $10 fine; including referee fee not paid. Teams that partialy show up with more than two players but not enough will still forfeit game 1-0.   Opposing team must pay their referee fee to gain the points for the win and qualify into playoffs. The Minimum number of players required for a team not to lose by forfeit is 7 player , six on the field and the goalkeeper (11v11).  A team that forfeits two games in a row will or may be withdrawn from the league without notice and no refunds awarded.       PENALTY SHOTS during Six v Six Tournament play.
  • A tie game will result in three (3) penalty shots from the top of the goal box,
  • The goalkeeper that is playing at the end of the game, must stop first 3 shots to goal (sudden death follows/goalies may be switched then).
  • Only one goal will be added to the winning team (ex: tie game 4 to 4, result 5 to 4).
  • CSL holds a zero tolerance Alcohol and Smoking ban on all fields, parking lots or locations California Soccer League hosts games or practices.
  • A $300 team fine will be imposed if someone is observed drinking any alcohol, including team spectators. (team fine will be imposed).  Players & coaches please be aware of your fan's conduct.
  • Second offense, team will be removed from the league and no refunds awarded.

  • All teams must provide a ball in good playing condition.  Teams that do not povide a ball in playing condition risk awarding an automatic goal to the oposing team initiating game.                                                                              (Example start game 1-0 in favor of team that presented ball in good playing condition)
  • First & last teams to play are responsible for setting up and putting away the goals. Fines may incur if not.

 RULES OF SECURITY DEPOSITS/FORFEIT BONDS/PENALTIES: The Teams at the end of the day should remove their goals otherwise they will be penalized with a fine of $ 10 Dlls
Forfeit bonds will not be refunded under the following conditions:
  1. If team forfeits game.
  2. If team or player is involved in a physical confrontation with other player or spectators. 
  3. Team representatives do not attend mandatory coaches meeting.
  4. If team withdraws from the league before playoffs.
  5.  NOTE: Forfeit bond will be refunded at the end of the season or may be used for ref fee playoffs.                                       

 J1  Physical confrontation with Referee/Official. League expulsion
 J2  The attempt of causing bodily harm to Referee/Official 6 months
 J3  Insulting Referee/Official. 3 weeks
 J4  Reoccurrence or J-3 in/out of playing fields 6 weeks
 J5  Fighting: Player who initiates physical confrontation ("Fist" closed hand / swinging / punching / slapping) 1 Year

 J6  Retaliation to opponent's aggressive play and misconduct. 6 weeks
 J7  Insulting opposing player/spectator. 1 week
 J8  Insulting a teammate. 1 week
 J9  Physical confrontation with team mates / opponents
3 weeks
 J10  Retaliation to teammates aggession. 2 weeks
 J11  The attempt to cause bodily harm on player/spectator. 1 week
 J12  The attempt to cause bodily harm on a teammate. 1 week
 J13  Rough play (direct RED CARD). If a player receives 2 yellow cards, he/she may play the following game Expulsion &
1 week
 J14  Dangerous play (with bad intent). Expulsion &
1 week
 J15  YELLOW CARD followed by RED card (w/o rough play) Expulsion
 J16  Acumulation of THREE RED CARDS. 2 weeks/re-entry fine $60
 J17  Arguing Referees call. Expulsion
 J18  Participating in an induced state (Alcohol/other). Expulsion &
3 weeks/Re-entry fine $100
 J19  Expressing yourself inappropriately towards the Referee. Expulsion &
1 week
 J20  Expressing yourself inappropriately in the field Caution
 J21  Expressing yourself inappropriately towards spectators. 1 week
 J22  Provoking oppossing players/team/bench/spectators to engage in verbal abuse/misconduct. Additional 2 weeks
 J23  Participating in a game without proper registration/ 1 week
Team fine
 J24  Directing yourself to the Referee without obtaining Captains authorization Caution
 J25  Lack of respect towards Directors/Referees/Captains/Coaches. Two weeks  
 J26 Racial slurrs towards officials / spectators / players may result in the following  Four months
 J27 Players suspended from the league for six months or more must pay a $100 re-entry fee.   Fine  
 J28 Threats toward officials or players, of causing bodily harm. 4 weeks

 C1  For answering back to the referee in an incorrect manner. 1 week
 C2  For the action of involving players to abandon the field of play without justification. 2 weeks

 T1  For insulting the Referee. 3 weeks
 T2  For insulting your players. Caution
 T3  For insulting opposing players. 2 weeks
 T4  Inappropriate behavior towards fans. 1 week
 T5  For provoking your players to play with aggression (with bad intentions). 2 weeks
 T6  For the action of involving players to abandon the field of play without justification. 2 weeks
 T7  For coming on to the field without the Referees authorization. 1 week
 T8  For complaints to the referee about his decisions. Caution
 T9  For telling your players not to listen to the Referee. Caution
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