California Soccer League originated in 1988 in the Inner City of San Diego.

As a San Diego City employee I worked with the Parks and Recreation Department as a Recreation Leader, where my job assignment was to keep the kids active and out of trouble. Working in a low income area some parents just dropped off their kids at the park at 7am and would not picked them up till 6 or 8pm.

The Community and Colina del Sol Recreation Center were financially limited as this reflected with drugs and gang activity in the neighborhood. Needless to say most of the kids that frequented the area were at high risk.

With the help of many dedicated parents, concerned older siblings and volunteers, we managed to develop a Free Youth Soccer program in the area.

The Colina del Sol Soccer League soon hosted over 400 kids every Saturday. We assigned volunteer parents and older brothers as referees to help officiate the games as residents of the community soon gave new life to their neighborhood.

Drugs and gang activity were on the way out as more people surrounded the program with this family event. This new Saturday ritual also became a stepping ladder into job opportunities. Three of the teenagers who helped with the program are now City employees and continue to work with the Recreation Department.

The California Soccer League evolved from this program when some parents asked to borrow the youth soccer goals. They wanted to play a (six v six) game against each other and bet a case of sodas. I asked them to up the bet. Loosing team would provide some uniforms (bibs) for the youth league. That went pretty good !

With in two months we had an adult (six v six) league composed of eight teams.

Later on it grew to sixteen teams and now over one hundred and fifty.

* 18 Weeks plus 4 weeks playoffs.
Summer: Jan to Jun Winter: July to December
(New league start date based on COVID restrictions)

Top 8 teams qualify for playoffs. (16 team bracket)
Individual awards (1st and 2nd place) Team trophies 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
* Additional referees fee on playoffs.

MEN 6v6 or 11v11: 1st Division,  Second Division (Intermediate and Beginning)

WOMEN 6v6 or 11v11: 1st Division,  Second Division (Intermediate and Beginning)

YOUTH 8v8 or 11v11: Age Group Divisions