Standings - Wednesday Men 2nd Div (A) 6v6

1(Wed) Zinapecuaro44001861212
2(Wed) SD Lobos44001331012
3(Wed) Diaz FC43101721510
4(Wed) Orlando FC43102181310
5(Wed) Undisputed FC43012110119
6(Wed) Clairemont4301199109
7(Wed) FC Maya4301171079
8(Wed) Locals FC420216886
9(Wed) Barcelona4202181536
10(Wed) Mandilones42021923-46
11(Wed) Atletico San Diego412178-15
12(Wed) Guerrero4112161424
13(Wed) LV United4112911-24
14(Wed) Alebrijes4103321-183
15(Wed) FC Nasty00000000
16(Wed) MM F.C.2002514-90
17(Wed) Aca-Mex2002010-100
18(Wed) Dep. Titanes4004217-150
19(Wed) Dep. Kelly40041132-210
20(Wed) Macias4004526-210

Previous Match

(Wed) Locals FC vs (Wed) Atletico San Diego
(Wed) Undisputed FC vs (Wed) Clairemont
(Wed) Diaz FC vs (Wed) Dep. Kelly
(Wed) SD Lobos vs (Wed) Macias
(Wed) FC Maya vs (Wed) Barcelona
(Wed) LV United vs (Wed) Orlando FC
(Wed) MM F. C. vs (Wed) Guerrero
(Wed) Dep. Titanes vs (Wed) Mandilones
(Wed) Zinapecuaro vs (Wed) Alebrijes
(Wed) Mandilones vs (Wed) Dep. Kelly
(Wed) Atletico San Diego vs (Wed) Guerrero
(Wed) FC Maya vs (Wed) Clairemont
(Wed) Zinapecuaro vs (Wed) LV United
(Wed) Dep. Titanes vs (Wed) Barcelona
(Wed) MM F.C. vs (Wed) SD Lobos
(Wed) Alebrijes vs (Wed) Undisputed FC
(Wed) Locals FC vs (Wed) Diaz FC
(Wed) Macias vs (Wed) Orlando FC
(Wed) Atletico San Diego vs (Wed) Diaz FC
(Wed) Mandilones vs (Wed) Locals FC
(Wed) Dep. Kelly vs (Wed) Barcelona
(Wed) Alebrijes vs (Wed) FC Mayas
(Wed) Macias vs (Wed) Zinapecuaro
(Wed) Dep. Titanes vs (Wed) Clairemont
(Wed) SD Lobos vs (Wed) Guerrero
(Wed) Aca-Mex vs (Wed) Orlando FC
(Wed) LV United vs (Wed) Undisputed FC
Today's games are canceled due to strong winds, making it impossible to play and also to avoid accidents.
(Wed) FC Maya vs (Wed) LV United
(Wed) Dep. Kelly vs (Wed) Clairemont
(Wed) Barcelona vs (Wed) Locals FC
(Wed) Dep. Titanes vs (Wed) Alebrijes FC
(Wed) Atletico San Diego vs (Wed) SD Lobos
(Wed) Macias vs (Wed) Undisputed FC
(Wed) Diaz FC vs (Wed) Mandilones
(Wed) Orlando FC vs (Wed) Guerrero
(Wed) Zinapecuaro vs (Wed) FC Inter
(Wed) La Fabrica vs (Wed) Barcelona
(Wed) La Carabana vs (Wed) SD Lobos
(Wed) Atletico San Diego vs (Wed) SDFC
(Wed) Mayas vs (Wed) Ajax
(Wed) Testerazo FC vs (Wed) Dep Kelly
(Wed) SD Drywall vs (Wed) Diaz FC
(Wed) Clairemont vs (Wed) CV Retro
(Wed) Zinapecuaro vs (Wed) Guerrero
(Wed) New Generation vs (Wed) PSG
(Wed) Los Pequeñitos vs (Wed) Orlando