Schedules - Wednesday Men 2nd Div (B) 6v6

DateMatchTime/ResultsDivisionField Map

Standings - Wednesday Men 2nd Div (B) 6v6

1(Wed) Anthrax44003092112
2(Wed) Ajax4301198119
3(Wed) La Fabrica33009369
4(Wed) La Franja430110739
5(Wed) SD Drywall4211161247
6(Wed) Testerazo FC4202155106
7(Wed) Neza FC320112486
8(Wed) Alebrijes FC220010286
9(Wed) Showtime320113946
10(Wed) SDS32017616
11(Wed) Golden Hill FC32019906
12(Wed) La Carabana41211011-15
13(Wed) Young Boys21104314
14(Wed) Los Buena Onda3102141223
15(Wed) Mayas3102131303
16(Wed) Los Pequeñitos3102811-33
17(Wed) PSG31021014-43
18(Wed) Rusty FC4103816-83
19(Wed) Real Madrid41031228-163
20(Wed) Beercelona302147-32
21(Wed) New Generation3012611-51
22(Wed) Batres301219-81
23(Wed) SDFC100105-50
24(Wed) Santos100139-60
25(Wed) Jovenazos FC4004323-200

Previous Match

(Wed) Los Pequeñitos vs (Wed) Los Buena Onda
(Wed) Real Madrid vs (Wed) Ajax
(Wed) New Generation vs (Wed) Neza FC
(Wed) Rusty vs (Wed) Anthrax
(Wed) La Fabrica vs (Wed) SD Drywall
(Wed) Beercelona vs (Wed) PSG
(Wed) Young Boys vs (Wed) Alebrijes FC
(Wed) SDS vs (Wed) Golden Hill FC
(Wed) Santos vs (Wed) Mayas
(Wed) La Carabana vs (Wed) La Franja
(Wed) Testerazo FC vs (Wed) Jovenazos FC
(Wed) Anthrax vs (Wed) Los Pequeñitos
(Wed) Batres vs (Wed) Neza FC
(Wed) Rusty FC vs (Wed) PSG
(Wed) Alebrijes FC vs (Wed) La Franja
(Wed) La Carabana vs (Wed) New Generation
(Wed) Real Madrid vs (Fri) Los Buena Onda
(Wed) Mayas vs (Wed) SD Drywall
(Wed) Showtime vs (Wed) Golden Hill
(Wed) Jovenazos FC vs (Wed) Ajax
(Wed) Young Boys vs (Wed) Beercelona
(Wed) Testerazo FC vs (Wed) SDS
(Wed) Real Madrid vs (Wed) Anthrax
(Wed) SDS vs (Wed) Jovenazos FC
(Wed) Los Pequeñitos vs (Wed) PSG
(Wed) SD Drywall vs (Wed) Neza FC
(Wed) La Franja vs (Wed) Beercelona
(Wed) Los Buena Onda vs (Wed) Ajax
(Wed) New Generation vs (Wed) Alebrijes FC
(Wed) La Carabana vs (Wed) Batres
(Wed) Testerazo vs (Wed) Showtime
(Wed) La Fabrica vs (Wed) Golden Hill
(Wed) Rusty FC vs (Wed) Young Boys
Today's games are canceled due to strong winds, making it impossible to play and also to avoid accidents.
(Wed) SDFC vs (Wed) Neza FC
(Wed) La Carabana vs (Wed) SD Drywall
(Wed) New Generation vs (Wed) Beercelona
(Wed) Los Pequeñitos vs (Wed) CV Retro
(Wed) Rusty FC vs (Wed) La Franja
(Wed) Real Madrid vs (Wed) PSG
(Wed) Los Buena Onda vs (Wed) Anthrax
(Wed) SDS vs (Wed) Ajax
(Wed) La Fabrica vs (Wed) Testerazo FC
(Wed) Jovenazos FC vs (Wed) Showtime
(Wed) Golden Hill vs (Wed) Mayas
(Wed) La Fabrica vs (Wed) Barcelona
(Wed) Los Buena Onda vs (Wed) La Franja
(Wed) Antrax vs (Wed) Neza FC
(Wed) La Carabana vs (Wed) SD Lobos
(Wed) Atletico San Diego vs (Wed) SDFC
(Wed) Mayas vs (Wed) Ajax
(Wed) Testerazo FC vs (Wed) Dep Kelly
(Wed) SD Drywall vs (Wed) Diaz FC
(Wed) SDS vs (Wed) Golden Hill
(Wed) Undisputed FC vs (Wed) Showtime
(Wed) Clairemont vs (Wed) CV Retro
(Wed) New Generation vs (Wed) PSG
(Wed) Los Pequeñitos vs (Wed) Orlando
(Wed) Rusty FC vs (Wed) Jovenazos FC

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