Schedules - Tuesday Men 2nd Div 11v11

DateMatchTime/ResultsDivisionField Map

Standings - Tuesday Men 2nd Div 11v11

1(Tue) AFC Westport321015697
2(Tue) CV Tire & Place321016887
3(Tue) Showmen FC321010467
4(Tue) Azulkremas3210710-37
5(Tue) NP United321038-57
6(Tue) The Boys32017616
7(Tue) Atletico Morelia 1312011835
8(Tue) Inter SD31206335
9(Tue) Embarcadero312056-15
10(Tue) SD Boca31119724
11(Tue) Esperion FC3102612-63
12(Tue) Kame House3021014-142
13(Tue) 47 Boys00000000
13(Tue) Atletico Morelia 200000000
13(Tue) Toque FC00000000
16(Tue) Atletico Agujetas3003614-80
17(Tue) SD Porto3003213-110
18(Tue) Dep. Scorpions3003214-120
19(Tue) Club Atletico CV3003014-140

Previous Match

(Tue) Embarcadero vs (Tue) Atletico Morelia 1
(Tue) Atletico Agujeta vs (Tue) N.P. United
(Tue) 47Boys vs (Tue) SD Boca
(Tue) Showman FC vs (Tue) Atletico Morelia 2
(Tue) SD Porto vs (Tue) The Boys
(Tue) CV Tire & Place vs (Tue) AFC Westport
(Tue) SD Boca vs (Tue) The Boys
(Tue) Esperion vs (Tue) Inter SD
(Tue) Atletico Agujeta vs (Tue) Showman FC
(Tue) Dep. Scorpions vs (Tue) AFC Westport
(Tue) Club Atletico CV vs (Tue) Azulkremas
(Tue) CV Tire vs (Tue) Atletico Morelia 1
(Tue) NP United vs (Tue) Kame House
(Tue) SD Porto vs (Tue) Embarcadero
(Tue) N.P. United vs (Tue) Club Atletico CV
(Tue) The Boys vs (Tue) Kame House
(Tue) Esperion vs (Tue) Dep. Scorpions
(Tue) Atletico Agujeta vs (Tue) AzulKremas
(Tue) Showmen FC vs (Tue) Inter SD
(Tue) SD Boca vs (Tue) Embarcadero
(Tue) CV Tire & Place vs (Tue) SD Porto
(Tue) Atletico Morelia vs (Tue) AFC Westport
(Tue) Atletico Morelia vs (Tue) SD Porto
(Tue) Club Atletico CV vs (Tue) The Boys
(Tue) Inter SD vs (Tue) AzulKremas
(Tue) Atletico Agujeta vs (Tue) N. P. United
(Tue) Showman FC vs (Tue) Dep. Scorpions
(Tue) El Embarcadero vs (Tue) Kame House
(Tue) CV Tire & Place vs (Tue) SD Boca
(Tue) Esperion vs (Tue) AFC Westport
Next Tuesday, February 14, we will not have a game because we will have a coaches' meeting to discuss matters regarding the tournament and clarify any doubts you may have. This will be from 6:00 p.m. We'll be waiting for you, in 5475 Heidi Street, La Mesa, CA 91942
(Tue) Leones vs (Tue) Azulkremas
(Tue) Club Atletico CV vs (Tue) Deportivo Scorpions
(Tue) The Boys vs (Tue) AFC Wesport
(Tue) Showman FC vs (Sun) Inter SD
(Tue) CV Tire & Place vs (Tue) SD Porto
(Tue) Esperion vs (Tue) Xolos Academy

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