Standings - Sunday Men 2nd Div (A) 11v11

1(Sun) Italia44002112012
2(Sun) Academia4400167912
4(Sun) Guanajuato3300160169
5(Sun) Brothers United430114599
6(Sun) AEFC Academy4211197127
8(Sun) Magos FC4202810-26
9(Sun) Miramar United412113945
10(Sun) SUSC Tiger411213854
11(Sun) Still Kicking311111834
12(Sun) Darrara3012310-71
13(Sun) A74013419-151
14(Sun) Deportivo R100101-10
16(Sun) Ski Beach2002118-170
17(Sun) Buhos FC3003322-190

Previous Match

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(Sun) Italia vs (Sun) A7
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(Sun) L'Union FC vs (Sun) Brothers U. FC
(Sun) Italia vs (Sun) Darrara
(Sun) Magos FC vs (Sun) Academia
(Sun) Torino FC vs (Sun) SUSC Tiger
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(Sun) Super Drain Bros vs (Sun) Brothers U. FC
(Sun) Guanajuato vs (Sun) Buhos FC
(Sun) AEFC Academy vs (Sun) L'Union FC
(Sun) Miramar United vs BYE
(Sun) Magos FC vs (Sun) A7
(Sun) Still Kicking vs (Sun) Darrara
(Sun) Italia vs (Sun) Deportivo R
(Sun) L'Union FC vs (Sun) SUSC Tiger
(Sun) Academia vs (Sun) Miramar United
(Sun) Guanajuato vs (Sun) Buhos FC
(Sun) AEFC Academy vs (Sun) Super Drain Bros
(Sun) Ski Beach vs (Sun) Brothers U. FC
(Sun) Torino FC vs BYE
(Sun) Super Drain Bros vs (Sun) SUSC Tiger
(Sun) Miramar United vs (Sun) A7
(Sun) Italia vs (Sun) Buhos FC
(Sun) Torino FC (Sun) L'Union FC
(Sun) Magos FC vs (Sun) Darrara
(Sun) Academia vs (Sun) Brothers UFC
(Sun) Dep Wilson vs (Sun) Guanajuato
(Sun) AEFC Academy vs (Sun) Ski Beach
(Sun) Still Kicking vs (Sun) BYE
Remember today, February 14, we will have a coaches meeting to discuss matters related to the tournament and clarify any doubts you may have. This will be from 6:00 p.m. We will be waiting for you, at 5475 Heidi Street, La Mesa, CA 91942
(Sun) Torino FC vs (Sun) Hacienda
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(Sun) Deportivo Jrs. vs (Sun) Valencia C.F.
(Sun) Chivas FC vs (Sun) Deportivo Wilson
(Sun) Torino FC vs (Sun) Leones
(Sun) Naranjeros vs (Sun) Italia